Academic Operations Co-Ordinator

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Academic Operations Co-Ordinator

Academic Operations Co-Ordinator
Client  based in Midrand is looking for a Academic Operations Co-Ordinator

Academic Operational Management:

  • Manages data on retention statistics system
  • Manages the academic delivery of designated programmes
  • Ensures timely preparation of assessments
  • Compiles and manages timetables according to programme criteria
  • Manages the compilation and distribution of all academic reports
  • Verifies all marks and prepares moderation
  • Manages the on and off site storage process of academic material
  • Manages the ordering and distribution of material
  • Compiles the graduation lists for particular programmes per campus

Customer Service:

  • Manages student academic orientation
  • Meets project deadlines
  • Addresses all student queries for both current and past students
  • Addresses parent/account payer queries/ complaints by investigating and resolving the matter
  • Addresses all lecturer queries
  • Liaises with external institutions
  • Calls students to determine retention
  • Confirms qualifications
  • Writes letters of conduct

Integrated Student Support:

  • Identifies at risk students
  • Contacts students and parents to follow up on all reported and solved cases
  • Liaises with student support department

Academic Operations Administrator Supervision:

  • Trains and supervises Academic Operations Administrators and their mandate
  • Monitors the processing of assessments by AOAs
  • Oversees that AOAs are adhering to processes and systems
  • Monitors the capturing and processing of results and attendance

Lecturer Supervision:

  • Sources experienced lecturers who are specialised in their specific fields
  • Prepares contracts for Independent Contractors
  • Manages lecturers and addressed lecturer queries
  • Reviews lecturer performance throughout the year
  • Manages the lecturer briefings and budget

Competencies required:

  • Interpersonal and communications skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Best suited to a friendly, organised person who works accurately and is able to handle pressure
  • Coaching and mentoring skills
  • Time management skills



  • Minimum of Advanced Diploma or Bachelors Degree.
  • Postgraduate qualification advantageous



  • 3 years work experience in administration,
  • 2 years in project or operational management,
  • 2 years in a supervisory role and
  • 3 years experience in customer service.

R17k (included provident fund)


Send cv to consultant8 at neobatho dot co dot za

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